soutien aux entrepreneurs

Support to entrepreneurs

Vertical access

Design, fabrication, installation, statement of work, specifications, inspection and certification of vertical access systems for newly built, existing and/or historical buildings for the industrial, construction or performing arts fields. SIJM also performs this work in enclosed spaces. We are specialized in suspended platforms, guard rails and ladders.

Lifting equipment

Drafting and preparation of drawings and specifications, approval for certain lifting equipment such as overhead cranes, winch, electromagnets, forklifts and cranes. Lifting plans designed and approved by an OIQ or PEO engineer.

Shoring and bracing

For the construction industry, SIJM conducts design, drawing preparation, inspection and approval of shoring and bracing as used in concrete structures

soutien aux entrepreneurs
soutien aux entrepreneurs

Industrial and construction health and safety

Expertise for working at heights, enclosed spaces, work methods, lifting plans and certification of temporary structures and/or construction site equipment.

Enginnering expertise for legal case

SIJM offers engineering expertise for legal case related to health and safety, accidents and litigation. We have experience as expert witness for technical cases.


Design, inspection and certification of anchoring systems in masonry constructions (prefabricated concrete panels, granite, architectural stones). Drawing preparation, inspection and approval of scaffolding for masonry work, including standard tubular frames, ringlock systems, hydraulic (Hydro Mobile, Fraco) and suspended platforms (swingstage) systems.