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Jean Massé

  • Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec, 1977
  • Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Engineering, Laval University, 1977
  • Professional Engineer, Québec Ministry of Environment, 1977
  • Professional Engineer - Inspector, CSST, Construction Sector Team Leader (Quebec City area)
  • Professional Engineer, Jean Massé Consulting Engineering founder, 1987
  • FIX SYSTÈME INC Co-Founder., 2002
  • Professional Engineer, SIJM and SIJM Construction Founder, 2008
  • Quali-Concept, Co-Founder Inc., 2012

With a highly diversified engineering background in Agricultural Engineering, Jean Massé applied his knowledge to develop expertise in non-traditional areas, with an emphasis in workplace health and safety engineering design.

Early in his career, he was the first specialist in Agricultural Engineering to work in the field of environmental protection in public service (surface and groundwater pollution and integrated state interventions in agricultural watersheds).

He later reoriented his engineering career in construction-site health and safety inspections, as engineer and chief inspector of the Québec-Chaudières Appalaches regional construction team for CSST (a Quebec Government’s organization). While so employed he developed advanced knowledge of occupational workplace health and safety. He then created an important network of contacts in the construction industry to the benefit of his current businesses.

To his credits are several complex engineering accomplishments in the fields of suspended scaffolding, fall prevention, unconventional structures and for the entertainment industry.

Over time, he built a team of young engineers creating synergy in several engineering fields such as health and safety, complex structure analysis, seismic analysis, lifting apparatus and cranes, and the acrobatic show industry.

This multidisciplinary team has grown steadily since its foundation, continually expanding its fields of engineering expertise, thus ensuring the sustainability of companies for future years where technological challenges abound.

Denis Massé

  • Bachelor's degree in Accounting Sciences, Laval University, 1979
  • Up-to-date computer training
  • Shareholder of SIJM and SIJM Construction since 2014

Having worked in an accounting firm and as a controller for several small manufacturing and service companies, Denis has built a solid experience in accounting and management.

As the Chief Financial Officer for more than fifteen years within the SIJM group, Denis has been able to set up a very reliable accounting system in addition to implementing several management systems thus allowing the organization to optimize its development decision-making. The SIJM Group's business partners describe the management found in this organization as “exceptional".


Carl-Éric Sabourin

  • Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec, 2011
  • Mechanical Engineering Degree, Université Laval, 2011
  • Professional Engineer, SIJM, 2014
  • Junior engineer, SIJM, 2011
  • Shareholder of SIJM et SIJM Construction

Over the course of the last years as a professional engineer for SIJM, Carl-Eric Sabourin as develop an expertise in the design of mechanical elements and structure of various kinds, while having to design, inspect and approve permanent and temporary work, in various industries such as construction site, industrial or entertainment.

Besides, he was also the object of a story on the television channel Explora, for is implication for the Red Bull Crashed Ice 2014, for which he certified the totality of the structures used for the competition track.

Carl-Eric Sabourin has also developed an expertise in 3D parametric modeling and in structure analysis by finite element method. These tools, combined with a knowledge of the numerous standards and regulations governing his area of expertise, allow him to design new fall arrest and height-access systems, which are central to his practice.


Carol Vaillancourt

  • DVS, General welding, 1993
  • AVS, assembly fitting and high-pressure pipe welding, 1994
  • Certificate, technical teaching, Sherbrooke University, 2005
  • Welding supervisor CSA W47.1
  • Welding supervisor CSA W47.1
  • 3D design training
  • Shareholder of SIJM et SIJM Construction

Carol Vaillancourt joined SIJM in 2009, assisting the company's research and development projects. He coordinates the engineering with the project implementation.

His expertise in various fields of metal fabrication allows SIJM to achieve results commensurate with the engineering department creativity. His contribution to the design team offers technical manufacturing solutions to complex structural problems.

During his career with various metal manufacturing companies he progressed from welder to assembler, production supervisor, estimator, manager and eventually started his own business. Carol Vaillancourt's skills in his field of expertise truly complement SIJM.


Dominic Brassard

  • Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec, 2011
  • Mechanical Engineering Degree, Université Laval, 2011
  • Professional Engineer, SIJM, 2014

As a Project Manager at SIJM-CONSTRUCTION for 2 years, M. Dominic Brassard brings more than twenty-five years of construction experience as a project manager. During his career, he has carried out several mandates in the following sectors:

  • Heavy industry in aluminum smelters and pulp mills;
  • Civil engineering in the construction of concrete foundations, roads and dikes;
  • The institutional and commercial sector.

Mr. Brassard's niches of expertise are related to the development of skills and human potential in large companies. He has often worked as a trainer and technical support for various construction mandates within operational plants.

Mr. Dominic Brassard is the Project Manager at SIJM-CONSTRUCTION and as such he provide customer follow-up during their project construction cycle, from design to equipment delivery.

Business development,

Michel Legault

  • Bachelor of Sciences (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) Royal Military College of Canada/Université de Sherbrooke, 1982
  • Aerospace Engineering Course, Canadian Forces School of Aerospace, Borden Ontario, 1983
  • Aerospace Engineer, Canadian Forces, 1983-1994
  • Senior technical specialist, Project engineering, Bell Helicopter Textron Canada, 1994-1996
  • Director of production, CL-327 Unmanned Aerial Vehicule, Bombardier Canadair, 1996-1998
  • Director, Business development, Bell Helicopter Textron Canada, 1998-2009
  • Director of marketing, Helicopter Cockpit, Esterline CMC Electronics, 2009-2011
  • Project director, SIJM Construction, 2011-2013
  • Director, Business development, STELIA Aerospace (Airbus), 2013-2015
  • Director, Business development, SIJM Génie-Conseil, 2015-present.

Michel Legault progressed for over 35 years in highly regulated technological environments such as aerospace and tall building construction.

His experiences put him in contacts with various cultures, in several continents, often in difficult climatic and physical conditions. He developed technical and commercial communications skills with customers, partners and highly specialized suppliers.

Michel Legault had a key contribution while in the Canadian Forces for the procurement of the Bell 412 Griffon helicopter fleet. While at Bell Helicopter, he had an important role with the team involved in the development and certification of the Bell 407 model helicopter. He orchestrated a pivotal public financing package with the provincial and federal governments to develop a new twin engine helicopter model. With SIJM, he has worked on most new tall buildings in the Montreal area from 2011 to 2013 and since 2015 to present.