Our engineering consulting clientele

SIJM’s customers are varied but have in common requirements for solutions certified by engineers that are OIQ or APEO registered. We work in Montreal, Quebec City, Gatineau/Ottawa and throughout Ontario. Our typical customers are:

Bureaux d’architectes

Architectural firms

We participate with the architects in the analysis of projects to suggest the best way to access facades for window cleaning, maintenance work and inspection.

Constructeurs ou maîtres d’œuvre de grands édifices

Builders or prime contractors of large buildings

We offer bid solutions for façade access systems according to the needs of the builders.

Entrepreneurs en constructions

Construction Contractors

We design, build and certify technical solutions for work at height in accordance with applicable health and safety regulations. We inspect and certify the results of these solutions.



We help masons with temporary scaffolding systems and vertical transport methods for building materials. In particular, we can design and certify the anchors needed for their work.

Concepteurs de spectacles

Event designers

Show designers ask our engineers to design, build and certify equipment and scaffolding to prevent the fall of artists, workers and/or equipment during the performance or installation phase of those shows.

Fabricants de ponts roulants

Overhead crane manufacturers

We contribute to the crane structural part design. Our contribution often takes the form of a revision of the solutions envisaged through load calculations and analysis. We conclude with the approval of the technical drawings.

Entreprises œuvrant dans la construction d’ouvrage résistant aux charges sismiques

Companies involved in the construction of structures resistant to seismic loads

We participate in the design of the structural part of structures to withstand seismic loads by making static and dynamic analysis of proposed solutions. We certify plans related to our designs.

Gestionnaires de grands immeubles de bureaux ou condominiums

Large office buildings or condominiums managers

We offer temporary or permanent technical solutions to problematic situations of structures, fall prevention, work at heights and access to the facade. Our work is in accordance with CNESST rules. Contractors who need to protect workers from falls from height: We design systems to protect workers from falls in height.

Entrepreneurs ayant besoin de protéger des travailleurs contre les chutes en hauteur

Contractors needing to protect workers from falls at height

Our engineers design permanent or temporary systems to protect workers from falls at height. Our solutions are in compliance with provincial and federal health and safety standards and regulations.

Entreprises de lavages de vitres

Window Washer Companies

We can design permanent or temporary safe access methods to allow window washing of existing buildings. Our plans comply with current regulations and are certified by engineers.

Administrations municipales


We analyze protection equipment for citizens and workers who are at risk of falls from a height. We can also perform or assist your selected contractors to modify and make your equipment compliant.