Genie Conseil

Roof car and rail system for window washing

Design, inspection and approval of temporary scaffolding

Genie Conseil

Support to large building managers for facade vertical access and protection against workers fall.

Genie Conseil

Design of certified engineering works for the entertainment industry

Genie Conseil

A consulting engineering firm specializing in work at height

SIJM Consulting Engineering works in window washing systems, permanent or temporary façade access, certification of temporary scaffolding, crane structures and structures resistant to seismic loads. We also assist show designers in protecting workers, spectators and equipment against falls.

Our mission

SIJM designs and certifies vertical access systems for building façade, protection against fall and fall arrest systems. Our markets are with the large buildings owner and/or designer and the performing arts designers.

Our values

We design solutions that are in compliance with current regulations in view of offering optimum safety to workers.

We offer systems that perform their intended functions and are both durable and reliable.

We offer solutions that responds specifically to our customer needs.

Our employees are proud of their work and love working with SIJM.

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